Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 1
Just crossed the border of Malaysia and Singapore...
Kinda sad...
A piece of my heart is missing now...
3 days of suffering is going to start this second ><
I'm already starting to miss you ><
My wife call me stupid ><
Just reaches relative de house... XD
Got Wi-fi Lea =D
Start miss you le ><
Enjoy ur cny bah...

Another bad news...
My phone only have 20 cent left ><
So... After I go back we only have 20 messages ><

1st impression bout Singapore =D
Many changes since my last visit (bout 10 years ago or so) =D
Clealiness realy ain't kidding ==
I can't see anything but leaves on street floors xD

Another thing =D
No proton cars xD

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